Training and Certification

QRM Institute Silver ®


Conducted by Dominique Andreux
CEO Quick Response Enterprise
Vice Chairman QRM Institute
QRM Instructor


The QRM Institute Silver ® Course

(French or English spoken – look at the calendar)

The QRM Institute Silver ® Course combines theoretical knowledge of QRM principles, with practical applications through exercises and simulations. It illustrates the transformation of a cost-centric traditional organization (shop floor or support services) into an agile QRM-cell organization, focused on the reduction of the lead time.

The Quick Response Enterprise approach is not about working faster, but about working better together. To simplify and streamline processes throughout the company – both internally and externally (suppliers and customers) – and create a sustainable collaborative dynamic that makes (called Social Dynamics).

After the completion of this Silver course you will be fully equipped to support a QRM-implementation project, perform a full QRM-analysis and start a project under the guidance of an internal QRM Institute Gold graduate or external QRM consultant. The participants will acquire the basic implementation, change management skills and can play an active role in organizing a QRM Cell.

English spoken session:

Starting on the 16th of January 2019: the first ever QRM Institute International Silver Program! This English spoken course will take place in Paris, France and is open to all international participants.


Training objectives:
  • Understand the deployment roadmap of a QRM project
  • Understand the origin and 4 founding principles of QRM
  • Acquire techniques and tools for analyzing flow time through your process (MCT)
  • Learn and implement the laws of System Dynamics
  • Learn and implement the keys for cellular organization
  • Better understand the chemistry of people-to-people interactions, team development keys and the Quick Response leadership style
  • Become a QRM Ambassador in your company and support the transformation at all levels (operational, management, executive, etc.)


  • From day 1 you will learn to think in a different, more market-oriented manner;
  • ‘Thinking in Time’ opposed to ‘thinking in Costs’;
  • Become independent in measuring how time flows through the process of your organization;
  • Immediately take steps in shortening the lead time;
  • Develop a critical view on the implementation of improvements;
  • Determine an effective action plan to simplify the way you operate, and keep the flow moving no matter what.


Course information:

The duration of the course is 4 days (2 modules of 2 days each), including homework to be completed in-between the modules.



Target group:

Management, Continuous Improvement, Production, Maintenance, Supply Chain, Purchasing, R&D, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources and Financial Managers.



Participation: € 2.500 

Final examination: € 175

Certification: € 100 (and official QRM Institute Registration)


You benefit from 20% discount when you are a partner of Thésame / Mont Blanc Industries or CFP / Plastipolis / Allizé Plasturgie/ Sirris networks.


Included in the costs above:
  • Four days of training – 16 & 17 January and 20 & 21 February 2019;
  • Catering;
  • Intersessional support (by e-mail or telephone);
  • The book ‘It’s about Time’ from the QRM Founder Rajan Suri, or ‘Faites du Temps votre allié !’ the French adaptation by Dominique Andreux;
  • All documents related to course.






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