Faites du Temps votre Allié !

12 May 2014 - Paris




Rajan Suri

Founder of Quick Response Manufacturing 20 years ago, Emeritus Professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA.

QRM is a companywide strategy for lead time reduction throughout the enterprise. With a new way of thinking about Operations, more than 300 enterprises have reduced their total lead time by 80%, decreased their costs by 25%, improved their quality and customer service, leading them to gain market share in global markets. Rajan will outline the core concepts of QRM and explain why QRM is an essential strategy for a company’s future competitiveness.

Godfried Kaanen

Managing Director of Bosch Hinges. QRM Pioneer in Europe and Co-Founder of the QRM Center in Arnhem (Holland).

He took the company to a never ending journey seven years ago, making Bosch Hinges an unbeatable competitor for high mix – low volume production by reducing order lead time from 7 to 3 weeks. His company has become a QRM benchmark with the implementation of POLCA, the QRM shop floor control system for low volume or custom-engineered products. Fried will share with passion his enthusiasm about QRM, and will explain how his company competes with low wage countries.