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Our mission

We help Companies grow in fast moving and volatile environments, by deploying Quick Response solutions that engage People in agile, collaborative and sustainable ways of working.

Who we are

We are a network of experienced practitioners having held leadership roles in major companies, sharing common values and acting like owners.

What we do

We enable our clients to gain a sustainable competitive advantage by improving their top line and bottom line while increasing agility and productivity as well as mitigating the risk for their business.

QRM Institute

We are foundating member of QRM Institute, worldwide network of partners which works to spread Quick Response Manufacturing Strategy.

« It is about Time !  This is QRM ! »

What is the root cause of long lead time?

Most of the time, this is overall operations and lack of clear ownership, and espacially when operating in silos with lack of overview.

Working like this is unadapted when serving demanding and fast changing Clients, requiring speed and flexibility.

QRM methodology consists in focussing in reducing lead time by removing non value added time viewed by the Clients, such as waiting – queuing – correction – modification… We call these the white space !

Beyond QRM methodology, Quick Response Enterprise approach is not to work faster but to better work together in order to simplify and keep the flow moving through all enterprise processes, creating a sustainable collaborative dynamic between people.


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30 nov. 2017

Watch and Enjoy the video !


Discover our activities with an interview of Dominique Andreux

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Faites du Temps votre allié !

The french adaptation of the Quick Response Manufacturing reference book « It’s about time » by Rajan Suri is published and named « Faites du Temps votre allié ! » by Dominique Andreux. You can order it in our Shop: Here

Business Case

This short video illustrates with business cases from the US how a powerful Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) helps industrial companies in developed economies to get ahead of competition from low-cost countries. We Quick Response Practitioners are convinced that this strategy can be used in other developed countries as well to make industries more competitive.